8 months in…

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Where has the time gone?!

2019 has been a bit of a whirlwind and the year isn’t out yet! A few posts back, I spoke about how change is the only constant and this year has been a period of significant change for me. In a bid to keep up with all the life changes, BAMEinMind was an unfortunate casualty.

I finally changed my career from online retail to work in the mental health sector which was a big challenge but has also been so rewarding. I remember many sleepless nights with feelings of self-doubt, inadequacy and overall anxiety to make the big step. But I’m so glad I took the risk. As well as settling into a new role in a completely new sector, I was training to become a counsellor in the evening so my brain was on 100 and energy was running on empty. Couple that with some changes in my personal life, I took myself on a solo trip to Bali to recoup, refresh and re-centre which was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time.

There’s something empowering about doing things that scare you and succeeding. Amongst all this change, I learnt a few things:

  • Take risks – The universe has a way of re-aligning itself
  • Listen to your intuition and believe in your own “sauce
  • Make peace and be kind to yourself – The relationship with you is the most important relationship you will ever have.
  • Practice self-care – Carve out time for reflection and mindfulness. Check-in with yourself and identify what keeps you happy.
Feel what you need to feel and take all the time you need to heal
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Now that I’m finding my groove again, the writing juices are starting to flow and I aim to post a bit more regularly as there’s still so much to discuss.

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