Finding satisfaction in your everyday

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One of my rolling goals has been to appreciate the now and find satisfaction in everyday life. It sounds so simple, but getting stuck in a routine like a 9-5, it is so easy to go through the motions week after week and before you know it, it’s the end of the year and you’re wondering what you have achieved, or why you don’t feel accomplished…and the negative cycle begins.

We’ve probably all been there at some point – worried about the tick boxes of adult life; relationships, job/academic success, money etc….. seeking the ‘perfect’ life when in reality there are pockets of perfection that are overlooked everyday. I’m very much guilty of this – My strive for perfection is the main source to my anxiety.

Below are some points that I’ve learnt and continually remind myself of. None of this will come as new to you but they are points on how to get your mind right and outlook bright…

  • Go with the flow 

For me, this was the hardest point to take on board. I like to have control over situations, pre-empt disappointments, go over every possible eventuality that could come out of a situation. So when things are still out of my control, I take it hard. But I’ve had to learn that sometimes you just need things to pass because they will have a way of righting themselves and more often than not, I have learnt a valuable lesson from that setback. So, try to take life as it comes. Feel however the situation makes you feel but remember that life has a habit of coming full circle and change isn’t always comfortable.

  • Celebrate the small things

Get into the habit of being happy over even the minute things; A train arriving as soon as you get to the platform, getting your morning coffee and croissant and it’s fresh from the oven (The people I work with always know i’m having a good day if i’ve managed to bag a croissant from the oven!). It’s so simplistic, but you’ll find your day will be much more enjoyable and happiness is contagious.

  • Be accepting of yourself and others

With Social Media, it’s so easy to measure yourself up against what others are showing. Whether or not it’s ‘for the gram’, you can find yourself feeling dejected that you’re not living up to these projected goals/fitspiration etc. not knowing  the real story behind the picture/post. This cycle needs to be broken! We need to start celebrating our own successes and achievements. Yes, you may not be in the job you ultimately want to be in but you have a job that is still allowing you to have some of the luxuries others may be dreaming of and you’ve done well to be in the position that you are in.

You have been uniquely created, focus on the things that you make you great and embrace the journey.

  • Allocate time for self-reflection and re-alignment 

Hands up if you get Sunday evening blues? Thinking about what the oncoming week is going to bring, the commute..already looking forward to Friday night. This cycle isn’t positive and it sure as hell isn’t productive. Start to set aside time to reflect on the past week, review goals and get your mind right. Self-reflection is one of the best ways to shift mindset and increase positivity. It’s all about creating self-awareness – bringing your attention to what’s happening in your life in a mindful and open-minded way.

My personal favourites are taking long baths, putting on some chilled music, journaling and obviously having a good meal to really get the week started in a good way. Writing in particular, is a great way to help you recognise patterns and you may realise that the things you were so worried about previously, are not so significant anymore.

How do you find satisfaction in your everyday?

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